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Session Description:  Reversing the "Here's Your Budget" Conversation - How to Manage Up

Compensation sits at the intersection of optimizing profit, managing risk, and planning for growth. Join Chief Experience Officer Russ Wakelin as he walks you through the key elements of identifying the jobs you need to defend, assessing their health, and bringing the right data to your leadership team to have a persuasive conversation around compensation strategy and how it should inform talent and business strategy.

Speaker Bio:

Russ has spent nearly three decades optimizing the design and delivery of B2B software solutions in a variety of highly regulated industries. He’s tackled complex problems in both the public and private sectors including the utility industry, municipal and state governments, submarine maintenance for the U.S. Navy, and healthcare HR. It was this last, the healthcare HR space, where Russ discovered most compensation teams are in desperate need of new tools, better data, and innovative thinking. Thus his passion for compensation was born.

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